Queens, Kings, Gods and Servants

DarkFigurines is creating figurines, minis, and accessories for board games, painters, and all figurines lovers around the Queens, Kings, Gods, and associated servants theme. Available as STL and Lychee Slicer files, ready to be printed.

About DarkFigurines

DarkFigurines is a store dedicated to figurines, mainly in the Dungeon and Dragon / tabletop game styles. Figurines and accessories can be purchased as STL for you to print 3D printed models and cast figurines in resin. These are the creation of Thomas Roussel, a digital sculptor and figurines lover.


The content of this website is the ownership of Thomas Roussel / DarkFigurines. The usage of the content is not allowed without the agreement of the owner. Please respect the creator’s work, don’t share the paid files to others and drive them to this store if you like the content. Thank you 🙂